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Anyone who has had a perfume bottle leak in a bag or suitcase knows the value of solid perfume. And if you’re not checking a bag, you probably can’t bring your regular-sized bottle of scent with you anyway, thanks to TSA rules. So it’s good to have a solid perfume around you can take with you on vacation. It’s practical, and it’s a little break from your “normal” scent–just like vacation is a break from your “normal” life.

I was in New York City last weekend and went on quite a scent sampling binge as I browsed the boutiques of the East Village, the West Village, and Nolita. (Forget the power of the Internet–NY shopping is still the best.) One of the winners was Night Queen, a solid perfume from In Fiore. The main note is a heady dose of jasmine from India, evoking the intoxicating cloud of scent that emanates from an exotic garden on a hot, humid night. Undertones of oud, patchouli, and saffron provide dimension that make this much more than a simple floral.

I suggest bringing this on a trip somewhere hot. This voluptuous fragrance will provide a fine subtext for your holiday experiences and memories.

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