About S&S

For many years I was a fashion writer and stylist. I had my own personal styling business and I wrote and did pieces for media outlets including the Chicago Reader, Women’s Wear Daily, Chicago Magazine, and Chicago Public Radio. (See some of my stories here.) But my interest in writing regularly about clothes gradually waned. I felt I didn’t have much more to say.

However, I’ve always been drawn to unusual jewelry and fragrances. My personal style has become simpler and straightforward, except for accessories: my outfit always incorporates a few pieces of bold jewelry, and I’m never without scent.

Smell is of course one of the most powerful senses, an ability that directly hearkens back to our animal origins. Scents can intensify a moment or bring back strong memories. Whether you only wear one scent (in which case I salute you for your discipline) or spritz them on according to mood, fragrance is another form of self-expression.

Jewelry is one of the oldest types of adornment. Our ancestors poked holes through shells and bones to ornament themselves. The most expensive gems, the most humble wooden beads–it doesn’t matter to me as long as they are beautiful and pleasing.

Scent and Stone is dedicated to highlighting the artists and artisans who are still crafting unique, singular jewelry and perfumes.

–Heather Kenny


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