Scent | Asrai Garden Drive-By

I’ve been doing some drive-by reviews on Twitter, where I sample something at Sephora or try a scent strip. Today I stopped by Asrai Garden in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. It’s a floral shop that also features jewelry, skincare, and of course, scent. It always smells wonderful inside.

Here are three quick impressions of a few I liked:

  • Ophir by Blackbird: Sharp yet deep woody, spicy scent. I keep going back and forth on this one. I like the complexity (its character reminds me of Strange Invisible’s Taurus) but sometimes it reminds me of mosquito spray.
  • Forêt Dormante by Lvnea: Ah, I love a dark and mysterious forest scent. This one is more mossy than woody. and kissed with flowers. As the name suggests, this is definitely evocative of a damp moonlit night under the trees. I was undecided about this one too, but after a couple of hours I decided I liked it. Maybe for winter.
  • Cedrus by Fiele Fragrances: I felt an instant liking for this one–no surprise since I always fall for spicy green scents. It reminds me of Xinu’s Monstera thanks to a fruity aspect lingering behind the cedar, of which there are three kinds. Thinking about this one for next summer.

And so I’m off to order some samples!



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