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Stone | Spanjer

A few weeks ago I went to a show of work by independent artists and designers. I never know what to expect at these things, because often you see the same type of thing over and over. I like vintage … Continue reading

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History of Personal Scents | Giorgio Beverly Hills

The sense of smell is strongly tied to memory. Certain scents can encapsulate an era, a life stage, or even a specific incident. In this series of posts, I’m going through some significant scents throughout my life, starting from childhood. … Continue reading

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Stone | My Issues With Diamonds

I’ve never been a huge fan of diamonds. They always seemed ostentatious to me, and I hardly have the kind of lifestyle where I need any. And of course while rings have long been a symbol of love and commitment, … Continue reading

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Stone | Necklace Management

For a long time I tried to think of a really original way to display my necklaces and keep them untangled.  I thought about finding a cool branch somewhere and hanging it up, but my handyman skills are nil and, … Continue reading

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