Stone | Necklace Management

IMG_2595For a long time I tried to think of a really original way to display my necklaces and keep them untangled.  I thought about finding a cool branch somewhere and hanging it up, but my handyman skills are nil and, you know, BUGS. So I finally gave up and bought this faux coral jewelry organizer at a local shop where the part of the proceeds go to help developmentally disabled adults. If I can’t be Martha Stewart, I can at least be socially responsible while I consume.

My mother had real coral in our house when I was growing up, which she would hang on the walls. I don’t know what happened to it, and of course you don’t want to use buy real coral now, as it’s increasingly endangered. I also spotted this faux red coral at Pottery Barn. It’s not as big but could work for rings and bracelets.

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