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Scent | Old Books by The Perfumer’s Story and Inflorescence by Byredo

I’m an introvert. When I was a kid in after-school care, the aides always joked with my mom that I was a terror and they couldn’t control me—because I would literally sit in the corner with a book until she … Continue reading

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Scent | Copal incense

Incense is a polarizing thing. Perhaps many of us associate it with macramé, pot, and other symbols of the 70s. Or you’ve been in a home or shop that just reeks of some cloying scent, and when you come out, … Continue reading

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Scent | Silent Light Perfume Oil

You know how when you go camping in the woods, and the ground is a little damp and soft and strewn with pine needles, and the sunlight filters through the trees, and your clothes smell like woodsmoke from the campfire … Continue reading

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