Scent | Samphire by Laboratory Perfumes

I noticed a couple months ago that Anthropologie has really expanded its in-store perfume selection–and taken it a little more upscale. Of course I had to sniff my way through the new offerings. Meet my newest obsession:



Samphire is like a more intense version of the feeling I get from wearing Maderas. I love Maderas, but it does have more of a warm-weather feel to it. As the icy cold of winter started to set in, I was feeling the need for something just as exotic, but a little stronger. And here it is.

Samphire is an excellent illustration of the weird alchemy of perfume.  According to Google,  Samphire is “a European plant of the parsley family that grows on rocks and cliffs by the sea,” suggesting a marine fragrance. Anthropologie put it in the “woodsy” category. I’d categorize it as spicy, with a sharp, almost biting herbal edge at the top. Looking into its components, citrus and aromatics play a large part in the top and middle notes, with oak moss and white amber at the base.

Maybe it does smell like the English seashore (Laboratory Perfumes are from the UK and just now are available in the U.S.)–I’ve never been there. It does, however, hint at someplace fresh and wild. I know I really love a perfume when I wear it to bed.

The other Laboratory fragrances are just as arresting. I liked the top notes of Gorse and Amber, but did not care for its dry-down on my skin. But maybe one of them will work for you.

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