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I love the concept of the seasonal boutique. When you can get almost anything at any time, making an entire store available for only a few months out of the year makes shopping special again. Especially when it’s an exceptional shop–like AP Shop in tiny Lakeside, Michigan.

apshop_front room

AP Shop is owned and run by Ariane Prewitt, who I first met when she was selling vintage clothes with another friend. Well, actually I first met her, although not by name, about 20 years ago when she and her sister had a store in the just-beginning-to-gentrify Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park. They sold a perfectly curated collection of thrifted, antique and vintage items that were styled so beautifully, you wanted to just move in. I bought my first “major” adult home purchase there–a pair of pink glass art deco lamps. I still have them, and they still make me happy.


Many years later Ariane and her husband have a second home in Michigan, and she runs this shop when they are in town during the summers–typically May to fall. (The rest of the year she teaches visual merchandising at Columbia College and also works as a retail and design consultant.) Ariane loves textiles, and the store is full of lovingly made pieces from all over the world, some of them hand-woven. Again, it’s gorgeously styled, with a kind of minimalist haute bohemian feel. Every single thing here is carefully chosen.

For me, the big draw is the jewelry she carries. Last year I got a necklace of heavy handmade ceramic beads on a leather string by Bari Ziperstein.  It’s kind of my Rohrschach test for people’s taste. If they admire it, I know we’re on the same wavelength.

This year I got a handmade gold-painted porcelain ring by Ruby Pilven, which has a similar look.

Some of my purchases.

Some of my purchases.

If your tastes run more simple and refined, she’s got that too. Golden brass bangles. Gold hoop earrings. Turquoise rings. Something for everyone.


As you can see, I am drawn to the big and bold. So the new jewelry line by Sophie Buhai (one of the designers behind the erstwhile clothing line Vena Cava) is right up my alley.

Wooden cuffs and silver pieces by Sophie Buhai.

Wooden cuffs, wood and silver ring, and silver pieces by Sophie Buhai.

Look at those smooth, shiny surfaces. The dark brown cuff actually comes apart and is held together by magnets. Genius.

There are so many treasures here, including the beachy Coco scent from Coqui Coqui and colognes from sister company Hacienda Montecristo. A visit is a delight and well worth a day trip, or even better, a weekend. It’s only about an hour and a half from Chicago. If you can’t make it in person, check out the Instagram feed.

AP Shop, 14931 Lakeside Road, Lakeside, MI. It’s open from Friday to Monday noon to 5 PM,  Memorial Day through Labor Day, or by chance or appointment, 708-359-9204.

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